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Oliver Worthington Twiddly Snoot

Oliver Worthington Twiddly Snoot

went downtown in his birthday suit.

A baseball cap perched on his hair

caused quite a stir when he got there.


The men made snorts, the children snickers

when Oliver showed up without his knickers.

“You’re a foolish twit,” the citizens cried,

“to look like that when you go outside.”


“You cannot come to town so dressed,”

and they called the police to make an arrest.

The mayor said “Son, for goodness sake,

“this display is more than a town can take!”


And Jennifer Jensen (the gossip queen)

declared his outfit quite obscene.


The police chief stopped him with a frown:

“You cannot wear that cap in town!

“It’s quite against the law, I fear,

“to wear a Yankees cap round here.


“Take off the cap, even if you’re cold!”

he said to Snoot, who was three years old,

and short and chubby and rather cute –

Oliver Worthington Twiddly Snoot.


Leaf Life (a poem for autumn)

lazily crazily

dizzily dazily

dangling high on a branch


slowly blowly

here I go-ly

breezes are making me dance


uppity scarily

high in the airily

my skin turning crimson and brown


snappity sneakily

crackity creakily

now I am tumbling down


downily downily

over the townily

how will I ever get back?


whoopsity swoopity

oh, dear, oh, poopity

catch me before I go…..