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My Nasty Evil Twin

My Nasty, Evil Twin

I took my daddy’s tools out and used them yesterday

To build a really cool fort where we could go and play

But someone left them out in the rain and rusted all away

and so I have been grounded and can’t go out and play!


I have an evil twin, I think, and that would help explain

He looks like me, he talks like me, but I think he’s insane

If something horrible happens, you can bet your skin

Somewhere there behind it is my nasty evil twin


The day my skateboard ran amuck into the flower bed

Geraniums were everywhere and lots of them were dead

I’m not the one who made it crash, so you know who it was

Mom gets mad and I get grounded for the things he does!


The last time that my twin went wild, he rampaged thru my room

my clothes went flying everywhere and toys and games were strewn

There was hamster poop upon the floor and other ghastliness –

it took me over a week-and-a-half to clean up all the mess!!


We’ll put him in the basement and we’ll tightly lock the door

and sometimes maybe hear his chains a-dragging on the floor

he’ll beg and roar to be let out, but we will keep him in,

cause he’s crude and rude and rotten, my nasty evil twin.


It wasn’t me, I’m innocent, whatever it might be

It had to be my nasty evil twin instead of me.

So if you come to visit – be careful what you do

For if my evil twin gets out – he may be after you!