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Dad watches Sixth Grade Graduation

From the moment
I held all seven-and-a-half
Pounds of You
In the cradle of my left arm
     Those huge brown eyes
     Solemnly regarding my blues
To this moment -
     Where you are racing past
     Yet another milestone
I have loved – cherished - adored
Prayed for You
Like no one else.

You are an inspiration
A challenge
An enchantment

You are pockololos
You are frigefraters and hony pose
You have taken my heart
From being poverated
To being filled with joy.

Thank you -
for being an amazing daughter,
for being a wonderful woman,
for being a delightful friend,
for being.



My Dad Is Still Smoking

Dad is still smoking.

I’m really upset.

I found his old ashtray

and a used cigarette.


He says it’s not his –

I can’t really tell.

But I know he’s been smoking

His clothes have that smell.


I’ve shown him these pictures

of folks with diseases

that come from tobacco

with coughs and with wheezes.


But my dad is still smoking.

It makes my heart blue.

To discipline grown-ups,

What can you do?


My dad is a strong man,

he’s daring and brave,

but when it comes to tobacco

he acts like a slave.


He tells me he’s quitting

but when will that be?

He won’t stop for himself;

maybe he’ll stop for me…