Mr. Willy’s CDs & Music Downloads

To order kids’ CDs by Mr. Willy, call 214-328-2223, email me here, or follow a link below!

Click one of the images below to download my music from CD Baby:

image of a tree in the grass -  the cover for the CD entitled My Back Yard -  Mr. Willy's CDs & music downloadsimage of a young boy looking down at a plate with green food that is looking back up at him - the CD cover for I Won't Eat That Snappy Tunes for Kids of All Ages by Willy Welch - mr. willy - mr. willy's cd's & music downloadscartoon image of a todler girl doing a wheely in her stroller waving at a young boy on a bicycle - the CD cover for "I Only Looked Away for a Minute" by Willy Welch - mr. willy's cds & music downloads

You can also download my music from eMusic and iTunes.