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Willy Welch
Hi!  I'm Willy Welch, aka Mr. Willy, a songwriter, author, & storytelling performer for kids and families.

This is the web-place where you can find out about my programs for libraries, schools, daycares, and parties. You can learn about my CDs and books. Those links up above take you to other pages in the web site.

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Recent Reviews:
Willy -  I can't tell you how many parents are stopping us to say how fabulous you were!  But we already knew this because of the abundant laughter and joy coming from all the children Saturday night.  Thank YOU so much for sharing your talents and I am so happy to hear you had fun as well!  .... Hope to see you back next year for our event and please let me know if you ever need me for a reference.
    Tracey - Allen, Tx   4/12

We saw your program at my daughters school this past week and I just wanted to let you know how amazing it was. You kept the attention of the kids as well as the adults, we truly enjoyed it. I am passing your information along to the ladies at the Bedford library in hopes of seeing you again in the future.
Renee   12/11

THANK YOU! for coming - the mom's were all asking about you when you left so hopefully you will get some calls and we will get to see you again. You were awesome and Abby just loved your show!
Julie W.
Keller, Tx.  August 2011

"Thank you again for coming yesterday to the boys' party!  They had a great time - as did all the children.  I'm amazed at how you are able to capture and keep their attention for that long.  I had so many mom's say to me "I haven't seen my child laugh that hard EVER!"
Katherine F.

from a Satisfied Dad:
"Thank you so much for helping to make Lila’s birthday so special!  Lila and the kids (and the parents) had a blast with you.  And, thank you for the CD you gave to Lila.  When we got home she immediately went to her room and listened to your entire album.  She has also been talking non-stop about your great stories. "
Tom J.

Review from a Satisfied Mom:
We absolutely loved you!!  And, the ONLY thing we have listened to for the past week has been your two CD’s!!!  My girls now know every word to every song . . . I wake up at night singing them as well!  By the way, the “I Only Looked Away for a Minute” CD is so great.  I love the “Calling all Angels” song . . . so incredibly sweet!  Thank you again – you are one talented guy and we appreciate you and your music!
Amy P.

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